Antec Dark Phantom DF700 FLUX, F-LUX Platform, 3 x 120 mm ARGB

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Antec DF700 FLUX

A mid-tower gaming case with the ultimate thermal performance

The DF700 FLUX mid-tower gaming case is well equipped with an industry-leading design of advanced ventilation, taking the Antec Dark League gaming cases to the next generation.

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Why the New Cooling Solution?

When Intel and AMD announced their latest CPUs, they all deliver remarkable performance upgrades and better productivity, which also means the functional requirement of PC equipment needs to be taken to the next level, especially the thermal performance.

To cope with the stress of enhanced heat dissipation, Antec developed a revolutionary structure for airflow, providing an improved and powerful cooling solution for your system. The F-LUX Platform.

F-LUX Platform - Antec's Original Cooling Solution

What is the F-LUX Platform? The definition of FLUX is Flow Luxury. The F-LUX Platform is a new industry-leading and highly efficient design by Antec featuring an advanced case structure for excellent airflow combined with 5 x 120 mm fans included. A core element of the design ethos was to enhance GPU cooling performance.

F-LUX platform will provide massive airflow when the GPU is functioning, enhancing the heat dissipation and gaming performance.

F-LUX Platform - Antec's Original Cooling Solution

5 x 120 mm Fans Included

1. 1x 120 mm rear fan

A lot of heat is drawn out from the interior, which helps the CPU to cool down.

2. 1x 120 mm PSU chamber fan

The 120 mm reverse fan is on the top of the PSU chamber, which pulls cool air into the case via the ventilation at the right-side panel and the bottom, providing heightened GPU cooling performance

3. 3x 120 mm ARGB front fans

Provide massive intake cool air and brilliant lighting effects.

Robust Hardware Support

A Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX

B 2.5” SSDs: 3

C 3.5” removable HDDs / 2.5” SSDs (Compatible): 3/2

D Max GPU Length: 405 mm (Supports high-end VGA, e.g. MSI GeForce, ASUS ROG)

E Max CPU Cooler Height: 175 mm (Supports high-end CPU cooler, e.g. Noctua NH-U12A)

F Max PSU Length: 205 mm

Sufficient Space for Cable Management

Color Your System by Built-in LED Controller

You only need the LED mode button to control all the addressable LEDs. Or you can sync it with the motherboard to enjoy more custom light effects.

Go with the Flow

The front panel is designed by adopting a three-dimensional wave-shaped mesh, presenting a smoothly minimalist looking. With massive ventilation in the front, the DF700 FLUX can easily project attractive light effects and enhance the cooling.

4 mm Tempered Glass Side Panel

Tool-free thumbscrew design at the rear of the tempered glass side panel, which gives you quick access to the interior, and enhances the solidity.

Ultimate Thermal Performance

Supports up to 9 fans.

Make it Cooler

DF700 FLUX keeps your gear cool with room for up to 360 mm radiator in the front & top.

Easy to Clean


Magnetic large dust filter


Removable large dust filter


Magnetic large dust filter

Make a Green Build

7 reusable PCI-E slots

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